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Jeff Gregory

Jeff and Lisa Gregory have served in ministry together since 1986 and founded Reaching 360 in 2012.
They have a heart to reach the UnReached people of the world with the love and message of Jesus. In
order to demonstrate the tangible love of Jesus, Reaching 360 seeks to empower local believers to reach
their communities by first providing for their basic needs like clean water, food, and education.

Jeff utilizes his background in mechanical engineering to construct Life Centres, dig water wells, install
filtration systems, and provide practical resources for communities in need. By meeting the physical needs
of these UnReached communities, Reaching 360 has the opportunity to demonstrate Jesus’ love in a
practical way.

Jeff also understands the value of spiritual growth. For this reason, Reaching 360 blends a humanitarian focus with the need for the Gospel. Without Christ, our pursuits for social justice will be in vain.