There are three different ways you

can help support Reaching 360

*Becoming an Axis Partner

*Becoming a monthly donor

*Making a one time donation (any amount, one time - or monthly)

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The Axis Team provides the stable foundation for all of the ministry and mission efforts to Reach the UnReached. 

The Axis Team supports all of the research and exploration for Reaching 360. They give us the ability to plan ahead. 

The Axis Team provides the means to get in and out of the UnReached areas. The use of small planes, helicopters, boats, ATVs, donkeys and other means keep Reaching 360 going into the UnReached areas of our world. 

You can become an Axis Team partner by donating $1,000 each year. Reach out and encourage a friend to take a journey with you to live life full of purpose and passion.

MONTHLY partner

one time donation

*any amount. One time, or setup monthly.