*Please note that in order to receive a water bottle you must submit a donation of $50 or more

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Water Bottles equal Clean Water

The first half of 2017 has been incredible for Reaching 360! God has and is moving through us in God size ways. Lisa and I are really excited about receiving more requests for ministry opportunities, which include water wells, Life Centres, clinics, and opportunities for Christian education.

This year alone, we have partnered in five different countries to launch twenty-four projects, five of which are water wells. Additionally, all five water well requests have been marked with urgency. Two of the latest ones are in Central India at two new Life Centre (church) plants. It became urgent when temperatures were running a consistent 40c (104 F) for months, and water sources began to dry up. Then, the temperatures rose close to 50c (122 F), and people began to die. This region is extremely rocky, and the wells will have to be 300 feet or more which requires a big heavy drilling rig. Because of you, our generous partners, we have been able to partner with our national partners and make it happen.

While praying for several months for the funds to drill these last two wells, I believe God gave me THE idea to get ahead of the curve. I reached out to CamelBak, one of the leading reusable water bottle companies, to see how we could partner to help provided clean water. After explaining what we do and then asking for their partnership they agreed, and we worked out a reduced price on their “Chute .75L” which included the Reaching logo and website. 

So here is the idea: “For a minimal donation of $50, you will receive a free gift—this custom CamelBak water bottle—as reminder that you have provided clean water to people in need.” By running this campaign, we will be able to put over fifteen thousand dollars in the Clean Water Project Account, which will allow us to drill additional water wells and other clean water projects. If anyone wants to donate the cost of the water bottles, we could also generate more funds to provide more clean water. With these funds, we will be able to meet those critical needs quickly without the loss of more lives.

Lisa and I ask that you prayerfully consider helping us now! For the next 45 days or until all 350 bottles are gone, when you donate $50 or more, we will present you with one of our innovative Reaching 360 water bottles as a free gift and reminder that together we provided clean water to some UnReached people. 

Lisa and I want to thank each of you in advance for your donation and partnership. Every clean water project keeps young children in school longer, leads to them being healthier, and opens the door to present Jesus.

In God's grip,

Jeff & Lisa